Aesthetic solar cells installed on The Nordic Barnhouse Project

Aesthetic solar panels

Come along when we visit The Nordic Barnhouse Project and unveil something completely unique

Step inside the deeply peaceful forest, south of Randers in East Jutland, where an outstanding home is located. Here you will find The Nordic Barnhouse Project, a masterpiece created by the designer and architect Bruno Jakobsen. The house, which is also called Villa Brink, is not only a project, it is the family’s home – a home that Bruno Jakobsen and his family built and which has garnered several awards and accolades.  

The newly built longhouse that is built in the most exclusive materials, exudes modernity with a Nordic sense of style, which connects it to the beauty of the surroundings. Here the house merges with the undisturbed nature that extends to the terrace and makes a panoramic view of the surrounding forests possible. 

Architectural coherency

In the process of designing the family’s home, the architect Bruno Jakobsen turned to Areco Profiles to find the right solution. He decided to incorporate a black click-fold roof with a pitch of 40 degrees and black gutters.  

The choice landed on the wide model (510 mm) of Areco’s Easy-Click, a wide-track panel with a hidden fastening. The wide panels with no visible screws compliment the clean lines and stylish look of the house, while the Areco Easy-Click roof’s stylish simplicity is combined with refined elegance.

Sustainability and elegance merges

The Nordic Barnhouse Project is a manifestation of Bruno Jakobsen’s passion for details. The house is thoroughly thought through and bears the stamp of his precision and care, which goes hand in hand with the chosen solar cell solution. 

When the decision of implementing solar cells was made, the Areco Profiles, Bruno Jakobsen and our team initiated a united design process. Together we decided to specially make a plug and play solar cell solution that seamlessly could be integrated with Areco’s wide Easy-Click roof. 

Every single detail was individually adjusted to achieve a harmonious integration that respects the rigorous expression and aesthetic of the house. The solar cells extend fully in both width and length on each track, which preserves the overall impression and creates an almost invisible effect.

Unique solutions for unique visions 

The result? A solar cell solution that is just as unique as The Nordic Barnhouse Project itself. Tailored to a home where aesthetics and sustainability merge and create an incredible expression that goes hand in hand with the nature surrounding it.


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